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My standard answer for this is "what ever is on the bite on the day you pick".


I know that this is not a satisfactory answer for most people unless you are familiar with South Florida fishing. The southern half of Florida has the largest number of fishable species in the USA. Most of the species can be caught year round but may be better at different times. Others do migrate in the spring and fall. Now this is where it gets hard. Our seasons are not easily definable by the month. Some winters are cold and some are warm, some are long and some are short. This will dictate the water temperature and when and what fish will run. We also need to look at the baitfish and how well they are doing because they may determine how long the predators might stick around. The abundance of each species will change each year and reach a low every 10 years. The species will also play off each other and push one another out. Large or small fish, it is the numbers that rule. Some years a species may stick around for months and some times only a week.


With so many species in the area at the same time and the climate also unpredictable, it would be unrealistic for me to try to predict what you would catch or fish for in any given week. The wind and water condition will also dictate what we fish for.


My boat and tackle is designed to fish both inshore and offshore and allows us to take advantage of what ever Mother Nature offers. When using live bait, you never know what you are going to hook-up with. While fishing for a 15" trout, you could hook-up with a 5' tarpon. That is what makes it so much fun.


Below is a chart of some of the more popular species, this may help you paint a better picture. I also have my Old fishing reports posted on my web site, back to 1997. You can pick out a week and see what we did in the past.


Amberjack - - OFFSHORE Year round, Winter is best for large fish, 80+Lbs.
Barracuda - - OFFSHORE Summer is the best time but some stay year round.
Baitfish, Collage INSHORE COASTAL OFFSHORE Seasons and locations will differ do to species.
Black Drum INSHORE COASTAL - Year Round
Bluefish INSHORE COASTAL OFFSHORE Winter is best for the big schools, some hang around all year.
Cobia INSHORE COASTAL - Year round, Spring & Fall best
Dolphin - - OFFSHORE Summer, Long trips, 20 miles +
Goliath, Jewfish INSHORE COASTAL OFFSHORE Summer is best. Adults, mainly offshore around the 50' depth
King Mackerel - COASTAL OFFSHORE Winter, Water temp around 70º
Ladyfish INSHORE COASTAL - Year Round
Little Tunny - COASTAL OFFSHORE Year Round
Permit INSHORE COASTAL OFFSHORE Year Round, Summer best
Pompano INSHORE COASTAL - Year Round, Spring & Fall best
Redfish INSHORE - - Year Round
Redfish, Bulls - COASTAL - Winter
Sailfish - - OFFSHORE May, June. Rarely caught!
Seabass, Black INSHORE COASTAL - Year Round
Sharks - COASTAL OFFSHORE Year Round
Sheepshead INSHORE COASTAL - Year round, winter is best when they school up.
Snapper, Mangrove INSHORE COASTAL OFFSHORE Year Round
Snapper, Yellowtail - - OFFSHORE Summer
Snook INSHORE COASTAL - Year round but will run up the rivers if the water gets too cold.
Spanish Mackerel INSHORE COASTAL OFFSHORE Year Round, Winter best
Spotted Seatrout INSHORE COASTAL - Year Round
Tarpon INSHORE COASTAL - May & June for the beach run, all summer on the bay
Tripletail INSHORE COASTAL - Oct. - May, we follow the stone crab marker buoys
Tuna, Blackfin - - OFFSHORE Spring & Fall, by-catch when fishing other species.
Whiting INSHORE COASTAL - Winter



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