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Often I am asked if I like kingfish and that is a hard question for me to answer with a yes or no. Kingfish is an oily fish and will not freeze well. Large kingfish are strong and need to be smoked. Some people unlike myself. never eat a fish they did not like. There is a criterion that I need to follow closely for me to say yes to kingfish. It will make a big difference in taste and texture that should improve any recipe.


CRITERIA: The fish needs to be about eight to ten pounds, caught that day, and go from hook to ice.

This alone can constitute a gourmet treat.



kingfish steaks about 3/4 inch thick

onion rings

green pepper rings

thinly sliced raw potatoes

Italian salad dressing (oil & vinegar style)


black pepper

salt or celery salt


I consider this a one pot dinner that will work out well for an onboard or a camping menu.


On a large peace of aluminum foil, lay out the fish steaks.


Brush the steaks lightly on the top with dressing, sprinkle with seasoning.


Add a layer of onion and pepper rings, salt and pepper.


Add enough sliced potatoes to match the portions of fish.


Add dressing, seasoning and dust with paprika for color.


Fold up sides of foil and leave partially open at the top.


Place in oven 350 degrees, cook until potatoes are done.


The dressing can be varied in many ways to suit your taste or to give the recipe a new character. One variation is lemon, butter and fresh herbs. My favorite is a simple combination of olive oil, fresh lemon and malt vinegar with only one (1) fresh herb. Oregano is a popular herb to use but dill, fennel, tarragon and many others will give the recipe a new freshness if desired.


NOTE: Use dressing sparingly as not to saturate fish stakes with oil while cooking. The onion, green pepper and potatoes will mellow the fish flavor and the potatoes will taste wonderful. A baking dish will work well in place of foil.


Capt. Bob Smith



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